Saverio Latorrata


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Saverio Latorrata received his M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering (2008) and PhD in Materials Engineering (2014) at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Currently he is Researcher at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering of the same institution. His research interests are mainly related to materials for electrochemical energy generators and electronic devices with a special focus on their sustainability and mitigating mechanisms of degradation. He is also Lecturer, teaching the course “Materials for electrical applications” to students of electrical and materials engineering, laboratory supervisor of several master students and PhD candidates, and reviewer for more than ten international scientific journals. He collaborates with companies on research projects on electronic devices and materials for wastewater treatment.


Research topics:



Detailed topics:

  • Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells: development and morphological/electrochemical characterisation of proton (self-assembling graphene oxide-based electrolytes) and electronic (carbon-based gas diffusion layers and their micro-/nano-porous coatings) conductors for hydrogen-fed electrochemical generators; hydrophobic treatment of gas diffusion media aiming to make internal water management efficient; design of ad-hoc accelerated stress tests for assessing the degradation mechanisms of fuel cells components.
  • Characterisation of electrochemical phenomena at the electrode-electrolyte interface in PEM fuel cells by means of impedance spectroscopy and equivalent circuits modelling.
  • Self-assembling materials for wastewater treatment: development of graphene-, clay- and geopolymer-based filters for metals recovery from electronic wastes and for water softening.
  • Development of perovskite ceramic functional materials by solid state reactions and co-precipitation techniques for tuneable electronic devices.