M. Freschi, A. Paniz, E. Cerqueni, G. Colella, G. Dotelli

Lubriucants, 10(6) (2022), 129

Lubricants | The Twelve Principles of Green Tribology: Studies, Research, and Case Studies - A Brief Anthology

Sustainability has become of paramount importance, as evidenced by the increasing number of norms and regulations concerning various sectors. Due to its intrinsic trans-sectorial nature, tribology has drawn the attention of the supporters of sustainability. This discipline allows the environmental, economic, and social impacts to be decreased in a wide range of applications following the same strategies. In 2010, Nosonovsky and Bhushan drew up 12 approaches based on the 12 principles of green chemistry and the 12 principles of green engineering, defining the “12 principles of green tribology.” This review exploits the 12 principles of green tribology to fathom the developed research related to sustainability and tribology. Different approaches and innovative studies have been proposed in this short selection as references to consider for further development, pursuing the efforts of the scientific community for a sustainable future through the contribution also of tribosystems. The manuscript aims to provide practical examples of materials, lubricants, strategies, and technologies that have contributed to the overall progress of tribology, decreasing wear and friction and increasing efficiency, and at the same time promoting sustainable development, lowering toxicity, waste production, and loss of energy and resources.


(Image credits: Rawpixel.com | Freepik)